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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Summer Days Drifting Away

I think that the title says it all. It's not like I get the summer off from work, but there's just something about it that makes it different from the rest of the year. You have your vacation days; the weather is nice; and you're just generally more happy! But, now that it's mid-August, it is suddenly dawning on me that the summer is quickly drawing to a close. Sigh.

Typing this is slightly difficult, as I am accident prone. Earlier tonight, I had a couple of girlfriends over and we were baking. I was making a frosting that required me to use those saucepans where one goes on top of the other, and the bottom one has boiling water that cooks the stuff in the top one (if that makes any sense). So, of course, I picked two saucepans that weren't meant to do that. I did my thing, cooked the ingredients, and turned off the burner. When I tried to remove the top saucepan, it was a little bit stuck. I tugged, and it popped right off, making a very loud noise and spraying boiling water and sugar everywhere - all over the kitchen, and all over me. I screamed and there were these three horrifying seconds where I thought my face was ruined forever. Luckily, I only have slight burns on my face and neck/chest area, but my left hand is pretty burnt too. Nothing severe - I didn't have to go to the hospital or anything - but enough to scare the crap out of me. I gave my friends a good scare too! I've been using a soothing lidocaine spray, and I took some Advil. I guess I shouldn't quit my day job!

But, because I haven't really written a post in awhile, I figured I needed to get on here and do it anyway. Not that there's much to report, though. No spanking action. None. And strangely, I am okay with it. I don't really have an urge to be spanked lately. Perhaps it is some sort of strange PMS side effect, but he hasn't mentioned spanking or DD at all, and neither have I. We're not unhappy right now; things are going just fine. I am not sure when spanking will pick up again. I know it will at some point, but for now, we're both just not feeling it I guess. I suppose this is normal. I know I said that I would have a discussion with him, but I'm dragging my heels on that too. Must be something about summer. Perhaps when things become more routine again, I'll crave the spankings more. Who knows?

Hmmm...what else to report? Nothing really. I saw The Help last night - what a great film! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I'm a big fan of meaningful, feel-good movies with a message. Normally, I read the book before I see the movie, but this time it's the other way around. Now I have to find some time to get started on the book!

Well, I suppose that's all in my oh-so-exciting life ;) What's happening in all of yours?


  1. Oh, goodness! That could have been catastrophic. I am so glad you weren't hurt even worse, but, since you say you are accident prone, here is a word of advice that seems to work, no idea why though....

    Keep a tub of bicarbonate of soda by the taps (faucets) in your kitchen, as a permanent fixture!
    If you burn yourself, quickly run under cold running water while you open the tub, and tap a little on the draining board. mix to a paste with a little cold water,(You should be able to do all this one handed while keeping burned part under the running water) remove burned area from running water and smear the paste on the burn, completely covering it. Let it stay there for quite a while....when you remove it, blistering will be non existent/minimal.
    My mother swears by it, and indeed I have seen her do it on quite nasty burns (when removing a tin from the oven, she caught the top of her hand on the red hot oven shelf) and not even a red mark! I kid you not! xxxxxx

    Or, you COULD try being more careful?? Bless you, hope you feel better soon. What a nasty shock. xxxxxxxxxx

  2. ohhhhhhh nasty - glad it wasnt worse than it could have been....
    As for teh movie - ive not heard of it so its obviously not due to be released this side of the world any time soon - typical hehehe.
    Spanking - its good that you are ok with the lack of it. I would find it hard to cope with but thats me. But still, so long as you are happy and content thats the important thing. Time to talk when you start feeling out of kilter with the lack of :) good luck

  3. I'm so glad you weren't badly burned - I tend to stay completely out of the kitchen if possible. I sure know what you're saying about summer. I do have my summers off and today was my first day back. Oh, well.

    I saw The Help too and loved it, and the book was even better.