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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ciao For Now

Two posts in four days?! Holy cow! This is record setting for little ol' Isla. Hmm...I really don't know why I just called myself that. But, it looks kind of funny, so I think I'll keep it that way!

I know I sound a little crazy, and I promise I'm not (at least I don't think I am). I'm just in a good mood! Why, you ask? Well, for a couple of reasons. The first being...I GOT A SPANKING! It wasn't really a punishment spanking - more on the playful side - but that's okay because any spanking action is good. Plus, I'd be lying if I said Leo's smacks didn't pack a sting. My bottom was definitely red and sore, and while I was pondering it, I never ended up having a discussion with him! That doesn't mean that I don't think we need to have one, because I still think that we do. I would like to lay down some ground rules and really reiterate my need for this kind of lifestyle. What I'm getting at, however, is that it was nice that Leo spanked me without me needing to prompt him. It showed me that he hadn't forgotten about spanking, and that really meant a lot to me. Plus, what happened after wasn't so bad either!! ;)

I know that there will be more dry spells like the one we just experienced, and times where spanking just isn't working. That's why I want to go on the advice of some of my readers and try other punishment options, like line writing or corner time. I think that Leo might not be so hesitant with those, and they might help him to feel a little more comfortable in his role as HOH. Once he gains that comfort, he will (I'm hoping) be a lot more confident with spanking. He's already caught on to the whole spanking thing more quickly than I expected, and I know that in my previous posts I've sounded a little whiny when I complain that he isn't quite where I'd like him to be. I'm not the most patient person, but I'm learning that patience goes a long way when trying to develop a DD marriage. I'm still trying to figure out what I would like to say to Leo when I begin our discussion. I am sure that it will all go smoothly, but it's nerve wracking to think about right now. Maybe I will send him an email, and then he can commence the conversation? Hmm. Food for thought, I suppose.

The other reason I'm so cheerful today is because Leo and I are going away! And no, not to a cottage this time. This time we are heading out to Manitoba. We are going on a volunteer mission with our church to work with inner city kids. It's going to be a very enlightening trip, I think. We will be making a difference, getting away from home for a little while, and experiencing something new and different. We leave on Friday, and return August 7. I would have posted tomorrow, but being the procrastinator that I am, I will have lots of last minute preparations to throw together. I'm afraid that we won't have any Internet access while we are there, so that means no posts! Hopefully, though, I will have lots of stories to share upon our arrival back home. Hey, at least this time I have an actual excuse for not posting!

So, I guess this is goodbye for a little while, fellow spankos! I hope everything is going well for everyone, and I will post as soon as I get home! :)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Where, Oh Where, Has DD Gone?

DD has been a little frustrating for me lately. There hasn't really been any talk of spanking, although there have been many occasions where I think I definitely deserved one. I have been very bratty and I have spoken sharply and to be honest, quite rudely to Leo at times. I never feel good about this. When I don't even get reprimanded at all for my behaviour, I feel very guilty. Leo responds to my brattiness by being short-tempered as well, which hasn't led to any arguments but has left us feeling temporarily cold toward each other. Leo does really well with rules, because then there's no questioning about whether or not he has to spank me. The bedtime rule, which is the only concrete rule we ever really had, was a great example. In the summer, however, we've let that rule slide. We're both still working, but with vacations and everything added to the mix, it's hard to have the familiar routine that we develop during the rest of the year. I am also not very good at asking for spankings. I have this fantasy in my head of a man who will, without fail or hesitation, spank me when I deserve it. I know that this is an unfair expectation for Leo, because we are still working at this, and neither of us is perfect. I understand that this type of relationship will always be a work in progress. But in dry spells like this, it's just so hard to accept it!

I always knew that I had a kink for spanking. There is a sexual aspect to it. But growing up, I could always be a bit bossy and sharp-tongued with my boyfriends. I knew that that wasn't an acceptable way to be, and I didn't want to be that way. When I heard about DD for the first time, I knew that it was the type of relationship that I needed. I needed a man who would challenge me; who would say when enough was enough, and help to solve the problem. DD was a way for problems in a relationship to be fixed without resorting to anger and fighting. When I have bratty bouts like this, it reminds me why I wanted to have a DD marriage in the first place. When I don't receive the spankings, or any form of discipline at all, I feel like the whole thing isn't working.

But, Leo and I being the crazy cottagers we are, we went to a friend's cottage this past weekend. I have realized that it's very important to acknowledge and appreciate the little moments in life, or else your life will simply blow by you. Watching the sunset, or feeling the rush of wind on the boat, or enjoying the warm sun on the beach helped me to realize how blessed I really am. I have a wonderful marriage and a wonderful husband, and my life is very fulfilled. I am very loved, and I have lots of love to give. And I sound very sappy, but after this weekend, I was not so worried about DD. I know that with time and patience, it will continue to develop and grow. I can't dwell on all of the little bumps in the road. At some point, I am sure Leo and I will have a good discussion and figure everything out. After a long heat wave, we finally got rain today. I think, and I hope, that Leo and I will share a similar experience in the near future.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Well, if there's anything I'm good at, it's getting into trouble. I know, I know, what have I done this time? Well, when backing out of a friend's driveway today, I scraped their neighbour's car that was parked along the curb. I mean, it's a pretty common mistake I guess...people accidentally rear end and dent and scrape other cars all the time. Despite that, I still didn't (and don't) feel any better. Our car is a dark gray, and the car I scraped was white, thus making the scratch very obvious. Our car got damaged more than the other car, which in a way I am thankful for. I left a note on the windshield with my phone number, and now I'm just waiting for a call. Leo was not impressed, to say the least. He threatened me with a spanking, but I was just in this strange mood where being spanked sounded like the last thing I needed or wanted. I was already feeling guilty and upset for my mistake, which was a complete accident, but was also avoidable if I had been more careful. I ignored him for awhile after his threat, which also left me feeling guilty.

We had a similar scenario last week. I was given the pending spanking that I had posted about in my last post, but I just couldn't take it. I don't have a high pain tolerance anyway, but for some reason it was just unbearable, even though he was only using his hand. I didn't even want to try to accept my punishment. Leo knew this, and he stopped the spanking. Just like that. Part of me was relieved that he stopped, but part of me was frustrated that he just gave up. And, other than the threat earlier tonight, we haven't even really spoken about spanking since. I know that I am sending mixed messages when I express a need to be spanked and then become hostile and frustrated when he tries to spank me. I am always remarking on how this lifestyle isn't easy. I guess times like this are just proof.

If there's anything I could use a good spanking for, it would be to start posting more! It's been over a week since my last post - shameful, really. After my 'incident' earlier, my friend and I went to the movies and saw Harry Potter. I'm not a diehard Harry Potter fan; I read the books and thought it was a good story, but you'll definitely never catch me at opening night wearing a wizard cape. I must admit, though, the movie really was excellent! If you're considering seeing it, I recommend that you do.

Other than that, I don't think that there's much else for me to report! What's going on with all of you other spankos? :)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

So Many Spankings...

We're back from another weekend at the cottage! Well, my parents' cottage. It's the one that we went to on the long weekend in May. We left on Thursday, and came home a couple of hours ago. It's always so nice to get away. It's a six hour drive to get there, which is pretty long and tiring - but it's worth it! We stayed busy all weekend. My parents have a speedboat, and they enjoy taking their braver guests tubing. Leo has the time of his life, but I just fear for mine! Getting thrown in the air while bouncing over waves on an inflated tube just makes me nervous. We also went to the beach, had a barbecue, swam, went canoeing and fished. Fishing was an experience. Leo insisted that just the two of us go, despite the fact that he has no clue how to take a fish off a hook. Sure enough, I caught one, reeled it in, and he panicked. I'm not much of a fisher myself - I like catching them and reeling them in, but I refuse to bait the hook or remove the fish once I catch it. I'm too squeamish! It took Leo ten minutes just to get the hook out of the fish's lip and set it free. After the next few fish, he got the hang of it. My butt's also sore, but not from the way you're thinking. We went on a long bike ride, and I haven't been on a bike in so long! Even though we went two days ago, I'm still feeling it.

But don't worry, we didn't skimp on the spanking. Of course, it's not exactly easy to get spanked in a small cottage with your parents around. They went grocery shopping in town one day though, and Leo wasted no time putting me over his knee for a quick spanking. There wasn't really any reason for it - just a "I'm the boss and don't you forget it" kind of spanking. This spanking came after the one he gave me in the woods. Yup...in the woods. We had gone on a hike, and were on the way back from our picnic lunch. I got a little bratty, and he happened to spot a stick lying on the ground. "Pull your shorts down," he commanded me. "Here? No way!" I responded. I was horrified by the thought that someone might come along and see my bare butt being spanked. "No one's going to come," he told me. "Just take down your shorts and bend over in front of me. The sooner you do it, the sooner we can get this over with." I realized that I didn't really have a way out, and where was I going to escape to in the woods? So I quickly obeyed him, my face the colour of a tomato. He gave me a good 30 some odd swats with that stick, and they HURT! Sure enough, nobody came along (although I was frightened by every little noise). The fact that someone could have, though, left me feeling very embarrassed and exposed. I didn't have a chance to check the condition of my butt before I hastily yanked my shorts back up, but I looked at it in the bathroom mirror when we returned to the cottage and found that I had some bright pink welts. I think that's the last time I'll be crossing him in the great outdoors!

 He also promised me a pretty hard spanking in the near future, for being a little whiny one night. It sounds like I might get the belt for some of it, and he really wants to try this Icy Hot thing. Needless to say, it doesn't look like my butt is going to have much time to recuperate!

Anyway, enough about me. What is going on with all of you?

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Wow! It's already been a week since my last post! When I first started this blog, I expected to post every couple of days or so. I was pretty successful at first, but now here I am a week later. Crazy!

So, as you can see by the title of this post, it's Canada Day today! (Actually, I'm posting after midnight, so I guess technically it's not really Canada Day anymore). I'm not sure if I have any Canadian readers or followers, but I know that all of you Americans are probably gearing up for Independence Day on Monday. While I have never been in the States on July 4th, I know people who have, and they have said that the festivities can be wild! I would like to go sometime. Leo and I had a pretty quiet holiday. We drove to a beach about half an hour away from our home to get some dinner, and then watched the fireworks in a nearby park. It was nice to just relax for a day and spend some time with each other. And, surprise surprise, I was informed that I will be receiving a spanking soon. Nothing major, just a little reminder to keep my attitude in check. Maybe it would have been fitting if I had received the spanking today - I could have shown how patriotic I am by showing off a red bottom!

Earlier this week, I (foolishly) told Leo about how I had heard of couples who have used IcyHot on the spankee's bottom to increase the intensity of the spanking. Because Leo is fairly new to spanking, I didn't think that he would feel adventurous enough to actually consider what I was saying. I was wrong. He has now decided that we need to get some IcyHot cream to use for a spanking. I'm not sure if he will use it in a disciplinary or playful scenario, but I'm assuming he will probably use it during a more playful spanking just to see how it actually works. I'm pretty nervous about it. Has anyone ever used IcyHot during a spanking, or something similar (like capsaicin cream, maybe)?

As we were sitting in the crowded park and waiting for the fireworks to start earlier tonight, I surveyed all of the couples in the area and wondered what little secrets they share. I wondered if anyone else had a DD relationship, or incorporated spanking into their lives somehow. How many spankos have I potentially passed on the street? Leo and I are very private about DD with our family and friends. None of them know about our lifestyle, and we aren't planning on sharing any information about it with them any time soon. I don't think that a lot of vanillas would be able to understand why we have chosen this path. If Leo and I did happen to know another DD couple personally, then we would probably be more open about discussing it with them. But, just like a sex life is supposed to be private, we keep this aspect of our lives private too. This got me thinking. Do any of you guys talk about your lifestyle or interest in spanking with others outside of your relationship? Have any couples who have a DD marriage told family/friends about it? If so, how did they respond? I'm curious! Feel free to comment and let me know!