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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Wow! It's already been a week since my last post! When I first started this blog, I expected to post every couple of days or so. I was pretty successful at first, but now here I am a week later. Crazy!

So, as you can see by the title of this post, it's Canada Day today! (Actually, I'm posting after midnight, so I guess technically it's not really Canada Day anymore). I'm not sure if I have any Canadian readers or followers, but I know that all of you Americans are probably gearing up for Independence Day on Monday. While I have never been in the States on July 4th, I know people who have, and they have said that the festivities can be wild! I would like to go sometime. Leo and I had a pretty quiet holiday. We drove to a beach about half an hour away from our home to get some dinner, and then watched the fireworks in a nearby park. It was nice to just relax for a day and spend some time with each other. And, surprise surprise, I was informed that I will be receiving a spanking soon. Nothing major, just a little reminder to keep my attitude in check. Maybe it would have been fitting if I had received the spanking today - I could have shown how patriotic I am by showing off a red bottom!

Earlier this week, I (foolishly) told Leo about how I had heard of couples who have used IcyHot on the spankee's bottom to increase the intensity of the spanking. Because Leo is fairly new to spanking, I didn't think that he would feel adventurous enough to actually consider what I was saying. I was wrong. He has now decided that we need to get some IcyHot cream to use for a spanking. I'm not sure if he will use it in a disciplinary or playful scenario, but I'm assuming he will probably use it during a more playful spanking just to see how it actually works. I'm pretty nervous about it. Has anyone ever used IcyHot during a spanking, or something similar (like capsaicin cream, maybe)?

As we were sitting in the crowded park and waiting for the fireworks to start earlier tonight, I surveyed all of the couples in the area and wondered what little secrets they share. I wondered if anyone else had a DD relationship, or incorporated spanking into their lives somehow. How many spankos have I potentially passed on the street? Leo and I are very private about DD with our family and friends. None of them know about our lifestyle, and we aren't planning on sharing any information about it with them any time soon. I don't think that a lot of vanillas would be able to understand why we have chosen this path. If Leo and I did happen to know another DD couple personally, then we would probably be more open about discussing it with them. But, just like a sex life is supposed to be private, we keep this aspect of our lives private too. This got me thinking. Do any of you guys talk about your lifestyle or interest in spanking with others outside of your relationship? Have any couples who have a DD marriage told family/friends about it? If so, how did they respond? I'm curious! Feel free to comment and let me know!


  1. I've been hunting around, trying to find someone in person to chat with. It's not working. We also couldn't say a word to friends or family. His family is too primamd proper and mine are a bunch of she-woman man hates. Maybe we can get bumper stickers that say DD. And tell our friends it's for Dunkin Donuts? Or OTK stickers. We'd need a vanilla acronym for that.

  2. I think that bumper stickers are a great idea!!

  3. Ive not told anyone yet, though i may have given very slight hints "Ohh im in trouble when i get home" that kind of thing. My best friend is his sister so i can hardly tell her, but my other clsoe friend may well understand. I have been tempted to say something. Just because sometimes i think im going out of my mind with trying to get to grips with this thing we do.

  4. Hi Isla,

    Yes, you sure do have at least one Canadian reader - me! Happy belated Canada Day. Did you watch the royal couple enjoy the festivities on Parliament Hill?


  5. Kiwi - I give little hints too, but I am really not sure if I'll ever be able to tell anyone! Although, if I were able to discuss it with someone in person, I think it would help with coming to terms with living a DD lifestyle. Maybe one day!!

    Hermione - I saw some of the royal couple in the newspaper and on TV. They are very good young ambassadors, I think! Happy belated Canada Day to you too!

  6. Now you have at least two Canadian readers! :) I've added your blog to my blog list!

  7. Woohoo! It's always nice to meet fellow Canadians! Thanks for the add!

  8. I have an allergy to pepper; all types of pepper; cayenne, paprika, salad peppers, jalapenos, chillies, etc. So I would not risk using any cream which may include anything like that. Sounds like it could be uncomfortable though!!!Good luck with that!