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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I Deserve a Spanking!!

My, my, my...it's been awhile, hasn't it? In a little over a week it will be December, and I realize my last post was early October. A spankworthy offence, I'd say!

Too bad I don't need an excuse to be spanked. Leo is certainly finding lots of those! He has really been cracking down lately. Maybe it was the argument we had about a month ago. We had been crazy busy - hence my lack of posting - and Leo had been travelling around for work. Needless to say, I was restless at home and missing my husband, and work was stressful for me too. So one day, I just lost it. I went on and on about how much I need and crave discipline, and how I really want this DD thing to work. I wasn't really expecting him to listen. I hoped he would, but in the back of my mind I knew that getting a man to adjust to this lifestyle takes time and patience. Leo got a little defensive at first, but then he just stood there, hands on hips, as I spewed my criticisms. Then, when I was out of breath and had nothing left to say, he said, "So are you done, then?"

I just shook my head at him, crossed my arms, and rolled my eyes - the true attitude of a brat. He pointed at the bed and said, "Good. Get your ass over the side of the bed now."

Okay, so at this point I was shocked, to say the least. I hadn't expected such an instant transformation. Just a few moments before, I had been ranting and raving and being the assertive one...a practice we spankos know as "topping from the bottom". The fast turnaround and role-reversal was startling! Suddenly, I had to try and switch into submissive mode, which was not easy to do. Leo sensed my hesitation and said, "If you want a spanking, then I'll give you one. Bend over the bed." I took a couple of slow steps and obeyed his orders, my mind spinning. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't refuse a spanking when I had just gotten frustrated with him for not making an effort with DD. Part of me was secretly thrilled and excited, and the other part was nervous and a little bit apprehensive of his suddenly authoritative tone. After I had bent over the bed, he left the room.

Ten minutes or so later, he came back. He had something in his hand but wouldn't let me see what it was. He wasted no time striding over toward the bed and delivering several sharp smacks to my butt. I started wiggling, and by this point I think he had lost all patience. After I had chewed him out, he wasn't willing to give me any leeway. That's when I felt the jeans coming down.

"Oh my God, Leo!" And down they came.

This was a strange position to be in. A lot of the time, it's been me hinting and nudging towards spankings, and trying to establish circumstances where I felt punishment was due. But I secretly always wanted a husband who would take control, and I hadn't had that. All of a sudden I did, and to see Leo become assertive, and to see what a helpless position I was in, was really different.

Leo spanked my panty clad butt for a couple of minutes, but my squirming really ticked him off. My pain tolerance isn't super high, and even though I want spankings, it's not always easy to stay still! This prompted him to take me over his knee instead, where he pinned down my legs and yanked the panties down too.

"Isla, if you want spankings and discipline so much in your life, then so be it. If you think that this will be beneficial for our marriage, fantastic. But I will not have you talking down to me, or treating me the way you just did. And should you ever try to do it again, you'll find yourself in the same position you're in now." Then he brought out the secret weapon he'd been hiding earlier...a ping pong paddle! He dug it out of the basement. I had no idea we'd even owned one, but before I knew it, it was delivering some pretty stingy, sharp smacks to my bare butt. It wasn't long before I was wiggling all over the place!

Afterward, my butt was red and I was a little teary. We cuddled for awhile, and I apologized for the way I'd treated him. I knew that that spanking - our first real spanking - hadn't been easy for him, but I really appreciated the effort he'd made. And since then, he's made a lot more efforts. Let me elaborate.

Even though I'd tried to show Leo spanking sites and blogs before, he'd pretended to be interested, but I didn't know how much he was actually absorbing. After that spanking, he decided to do some research. He's mentioned a lot of different things. He's suggested the IcyHot that I discussed a few months back but we never got around to trying, on an already punished bottom or one about to be spanked - yeow! He knows now that spanking a wet bottom makes it sting more, so he often likes to spank me after showers. He's also mentioned mouth soaping (I will admit that I can have a foul mouth sometimes), corner time, and even butt plugs. We've never experimented much with anal play, partly because I've always been a little wary of it and Leo has always been nervous to hurt me. But now he seems to be toying (pardon the pun!) with the idea.  We've had spankings since the spanking I just told you about, and Leo has decided that he will not permit me to clench my butt cheeks. Let me tell you - that's hard to do! There have been a couple of times where he has given extra swats due to clenching, and other times he puts me in positions where my legs are spread pretty far apart so that clenching is more difficult. Those positions are very humbling to be in because everything's exposed. However, all of this no-clenching business has prompted him to look into figging (ginger root) instead of a butt plug. Apparently when you clench, it stings even more! Yikes. I have also been neglecting a lot of housework lately, and Leo talked about buying an assortment of butt plugs in different sizes and having me clean the house. Each hour, he will take out the plug and insert a bigger one until I get the job done. Now I'm not sure if he would actually do this, and it would probably be awhile until we could because we'd need to start out small with the plugs. But the fact that he's getting all of these ideas is both exciting and a little frightening...

All of this sounds crazy. I know, I don't really believe it either! But the progress we've made since my last post is rather incredible, and I wanted to be able to share it with all of you. :)

I also wanted to share a Spankingtube video. I do enjoy Spankingtube. I prefer the DD videos to the BDSM ones by far, and I enjoy the punishment ones over the erotic ones. I also don't really get anything out of watching men spanked by women, but that's just me. The user in the video link that I'm posting below is fantastic. I just discovered him the other day! He's a very effective spanker. His spankings are hard and definitely drive the message home, but they're also accompanied by a lot of lecturing and scolding. Some people don't like the scolding because they think it distracts from the spanking, but I think it adds to it! Hearing the spanker say "Get your pants down" or "Your bottom is getting a lot redder" or "Push that bottom up so I can punish it properly" enhances the spanking, in my opinion. It also establishes that spanker/spankee connection. There are a few videos and users on Spankingtube that I like to watch, and so I think every once in awhile I will include a link or a little blurb about them in my posts.


I am hoping that this link works! If I were tech-savvy, then I might be able to actually upload the video to this page, but unfortunately I'm not.

I'm sorry that I haven't been around lately. Even though I've still been checking in on other blogs, I haven't had much time to make a lot of comments or write a post of my own. But I've been thinking of all of you, I promise!

I'd best be off to bed now, because like I said, Leo is cracking down...and tonight, I don't want it to be on my bottom!


  1. Isla,
    I'm happy for you. I'm also sending pillows just in case! Let me throw out some ideas - ginger, great stuff. Burns nicely but when it's all over no harm done. There is nothing like a plug to make a woman feel submissive, and it doesn't have to be large to do the trick. I would suggest getting one smallish one to see if its something you all will use and if it seems to be doing the job you could get an inflatable one. It inserts small and if you aren't cleaning (or whatever else he has told you to do) he can pump it larger. An effective motivator!

    Just a few suggestion. Good luck.


  2. Welcome back Isla, ive missed you.
    Wow he really is stepping up. How are you feeling about it? And all that research he is doing ...scary but good huh?
    My hubby is really stepping up too now....three punishments this week...thankfully this week is nearly over.
    Its so great to be where we want to be isnt it :)
    Cant wait to hear more from you - and il check out the link when i get home :)
    love and hugs kiwi xxx

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