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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Whew! I just need to take a deep breath, and so I thought I'd stop in here and post. It's been a crazy week, and I've been loaded with work. It's been one thing after another and falling into bed has been the best part of my day! Things seem to be slowing down now though, which I am grateful for.

Let's see, let's see. What's been happening? Well, last weekend Leo and I went to a race. Leo is very into racing cars, and loves to go see races at a track not too far from our home. I'm not always the biggest fan; to me, it's just cars going in circles! But it's important to him, and it was a fairly big race, so I tagged along. It turned out to be an okay night! Leo does so much for me, so I figured I could sacrifice a Saturday evening to do something that matters to him. We also saw the movie Bridesmaids - has anyone seen it? Hilarious! I'd see it again in a heartbeat! Even though it's meant to be a chick flick, Leo was laughing a lot, and so were the other men in the theatre. It's a little scandalous perhaps, but I suppose spankos know all about that! ;)

Speaking of spankos, I'm due for that spanking I was promised before I got sick. I only have a bit of a cough now (thanks for the lemon and honey tips in the comments!), and Leo has decided it's time. We just have to decide when. He is also going to spank me for a couple of other things. One of them is how I've been behaving in the car. I can be a nervous driver sometimes, and Leo tends to be a bit bossy as a passenger. This results in me getting snippy in the car, and talking back to him a lot. He's decided that he's had enough, so that's earned me a spanking too. I've also just been quick to talk back in general, which he's been pretty understanding about because I've been so stressed. But his patience is starting to wear thin. And, on top of that, I still can't manage to get to bed on time! My butt is in for it. He also wants to work on submission some more, by using that method where he gets me close to orgasm and refuses to allow me to come for a certain amount of time. If I have my orgasm before I'm allowed, I get spanked.

I always find myself craving a spanking, especially during a time like this when I've got a million things on my mind and just need to decompress. Then I get bent over Leo's knee, and after the first ten swats I wonder why I ever wanted a spanking in the first place! Right now we've just got to carve out a time in our busy lives to give me what I guess I deserve. I haven't had a spanking in awhile, and Leo's been getting stricter. I have a feeling that if I get out of position, it's not going to end well!

I'll try to come back and write another post soon, but no promises. June is always such a hectic month. I hope that everyone is doing well! :)


  1. Way to go Leo - good luck Isla, sounds like you might need it.
    All good here. I started my own blog - love honour and obey - hope you can get a quick look see at it :)
    glad you are feeling better. Talk soon
    take care xx

  2. Oh boy...hope you have invested in some soft cushions.... xxxxxxxxx

  3. Kiwi - I checked out your blog and left a comment! I'm so glad you started blogging. And thanks for the luck. I agree, I probably will need it!

    Daisychain - Hmmm, that might not be a bad idea...